Good Food for All addresses immediate food insecurity to ensure vulnerable populations have the food and nutrition they need to lead active, healthy lives.

We also work to improve individual capacity to promote self-sufficiency. Food insecurity is an income-based problem and needs income-based solutions.

We partner with nonprofits and community organizations running activity-based programs to ensure youth are getting the nutrition and support they need to stay active and healthy.

We enter into collaborative partnerships with organizations that offer safe, healthy, and welcoming community space for youth to go after school. Our food security programs play a vital role in the success of these programs: food is a major factor in getting youth off the streets and through the door.

Our Short Term Food Security Initiatives

Healthy Snack Programs

Food Pantry

Bulk Food Donations

Our Capacity Building Initiatives

Nutrition Education and Food Skills

Career Readiness Training

Fresh Snacks

Snack program
Ready to eat snacks: Lemons, cantaloupe, oranges, carrots, hummus, snap peas, yellow peppers, cheese, and crackers.

Good Food for All delivers nutritionally complete pre- and post-workout snacks directly to the boxing gym 5 times a week. A complete snack includes fresh fruit and vegetables, a protein, a carb, and a snack to take home. For many youth in the after school boxing program, the snacks they receive are the first ‘meal’ they eat all day.

Good Food Box
Snacks include foods like carrots, cucumbers, melons, berries, cheese, whole wheat crackers, organic granola bars, healthy hummus, and locally sourced chocolate milk and produce.

All fresh snacks are vegetarian. Good Food for All makes a concerted effort to serve whole organic foods that are low in added sugar and sodium. We also support local farmers and businesses.

Food Pantry

The food pantry was established at the boxing club to bridge the food gap between program days. Youth can discretely access the food pantry on an as-needed basis. Today, the food pantry is stocked with semi- and non-perishable breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Staples include oatmeal, granola, tuna, rice, trail mix, peanut butter, apples, oranges, pears, and mac and cheese. Our food pantry staples only include items we ourselves would eat and serve our children: Cuppa Noodles have no place here!

Nutrition Education

To further empower youth to make healthy food choices, we provide nutrition education classes. With the help of nutritionists, Good Food for All creates age-appropriate education materials on a range of topics, including what to eat before and after workouts, what proteins and carbs are, why fats and fruit are important to any diet, and why water is important to body function. We also invite nutritionists to provide nutrition education sessions on a range of topics, and encourage youth to ask questions about healthy eating and nutrition.

The Positive Effects of Good Food

Our programming positively impacts youth in the program in a variety of ways.  Some outcomes include:

  • At-risk youth have greater access to healthy food
  • Youth are making healthier food choices
  • Food increases attendance at the after school boxing program

Read more about the positive impacts of the snack program.

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