Foodie Field Trip- Get to know your local groceries stores

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Good Food for All hits the streets of East Vancouver for a grocery store field trip!


Cheryl Chang guided a tour of East Vancouver food spots – including a produce market, butcher, vegan store and bakery – with peer coaches from East Side Boxing Club’s Afterschool Program. The tour familiarized youth with the healthy and affordable grocery stores and produce markets in  their community.

Over the past 3 years of Nutrition Education Sessions, youth  most frequently request sessions on developing food skills. This field trip taught youth the skills to plan, purchase, and prepare healthy meals sourced from stores in their neighbourhood. They had a blast at this hands on, cognitive and visual learning experience.


Noah is going into Grade 8 and always brings a positive and welcoming energy to Good Food’s Programs

” I liked learning about my community, produce and being with my friends. I learned the riper the fruit is, the heavier it is because there’s more juice!’

John is going into Grade 12 and has been regularly attending  the program for the last 2 years. He’s dedicated a large portion of his life to improving his health and is passionate about helping better his community. He’s also passionate about ensuring that everyone’s spirits are lifted by giving a good laugh.

“On the field trip I learned a variety of things. Some examples are taro is a type of potato that makes my favourite bubble tea flavour. I also learned to not buy the fish sitting on ice, but to ask for the fresher stuff! learning about the healthy food in my neighbourhood has prepared and inspired me to buy local groceries.”

Good Food is passionate about empowering and educating youth to make healthy decisions. We recognize preparing healthy meals at home is a much more affordable option then buying pre-made meals. Good Food seeks to decrease long term food insecurity by providing food skills training and creating  long lasting healthy eating habits.

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