About Us

Our Mission

Good Food for All seeks to increase access, interest, and knowledge of healthy and nutritious food to improve healthy-food security, empower individuals to make healthier food choices, and develop a culture of “good food” in Vancouver communities, schools, and homes.

Our Programs

Good Food for All addresses immediate food insecurity with emergency food provision to ensure vulnerable populations have the food and nutrition they need to lead active, healthy lives.

We also work to improve individual capacity to promote self-sufficiency. Food insecurity is an income-based problem and needs income-based solutions.


Our Short Term Food Security Initiatives

Healthy Snack Programs

Food Pantry

Bulk Food Donations

Our Capacity Building Initiatives

Nutrition Education and Food Skills

Career Readiness Training

Our Values

At Good Food, we believe that all people deserve the highest quality services. That means we strive to serve fresh, organic, locally sourced food at our snack programs.  Our nutrition education workshops are taught by expert dieticians and nutritionists. The depth and quality of our programs and services reflects our organizational commitment to equality.

Read more about our Board of Directors and their commitment to our mission and organizational values.