Food Security

Good Food for All provides women, children, and youth in East Vancouver with access to nutritious snacks, healthy food pantries, and bulk food donations.

We stand by our name: We only distribute nutritious, fresh, minimally processed, good food.

Did You Know?

  • 25% of youth in the Eastside Afterschool Program don’t eat dinner every night
  • 40% of youth in the Eastside Afterschool Program feel they spend too much of their own money eating out because of the options available at home.
  • BC has a child poverty rate of 18%
  • More than one in three food bank users in Canada are children and youth under 18


Nutritious Snacks

Good Food for All provides over 125 healthy, nutritious snacks per week to youth, women, and children in East Vancouver.

Why is food so important to youth programs?

  • Food increases attendance and helps get youth off the streets and through the door
  • The availability of nutritious food improves effectiveness of enrichment activities

A complete snack includes fresh fruit and vegetables, a protein, a carb, and a snack to take home. For many youth attending after school programs, the snacks they receive are the first ‘meal’ they eat all day.

Healthy Food Pantry

The food pantry was established at the Eastside Afterschool Program to bridge the weekend food gap. Youth can discretely access the food pantry on an as-needed basis.

Today, the food pantry is stocked with semi- and non-perishable breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Staples include oatmeal, granola, tuna, rice, trail mix, peanut butter, apples, oranges, pears, and mac and cheese. Our food pantry staples only include items we ourselves would eat and serve our children: Cuppa Noodles have no place here!

Bulk Food Donations

Physical and emotional wellness is intrinsically linked to the kinds of foods we eat. That’s why we partner with women’s clinics and women’s shelters. We make bulk food deliveries on weekly, monthly, or on as-needed basis to ensure women accessing those services have the best quality food to nourish themselves.