Careers in Food

Careers in Food: Job Readiness and Employability

Chef and Entrepreneur Heat Laliberte discusses his career path with youth at the Eastside Afterschool Program.

Good Food for All’s Careers in Food program is a job readiness and employability program for East Vancouver youth aged 13-19.  The Careers in Food Program showcases the broad range of careers and job opportunities in the food industry available to youth and lays out concrete steps and trainings required to secure those jobs and careers.

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We aim to support youth on their continued path to a healthy and productive life after high school by helping them receive training, secure employment, and embark on a career pathway in the food industry.

Long term, our goal is to increase stability in their lives and improve long term food security by securing higher incomes. When youth secure well-paid, stable work and higher incomes, they break the cycle of poverty that begets food insecurity.

“There’s ample evidence to suggest that public policy interventions that improve the financial circumstances of people at the bottom end will improve their food security. Everything we know says if you want to drop the probability of somebody saying that they are struggling to feed themselves and their families, the way to do that is to improve their financial security.” – Valerie Tarasuk

Program Highlights

The Careers in Food program is designed to not only prepare youth with the skills required to find jobs, but also provide them with the skills most needed to be successful once they have jobs. Speakers, presentations, and peer leadership opportunities teach youth the skills most valuable to employers.

  • Exploration of jobs, resources, and trainings are available in food related industries
  • Job search, resume, application, and interview workshops
  • Speaker series with professionals in various food related industries
  • Presentations from hiring companies and educational institutions
  • Peer leadership and job training opportunities within Good Food for All

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