Eastside Afterschool Program

Working with the Eastside After School Program

The Eastside After School Program brings together a team of community partners working to encourage and promote holistic well being and optimal development for youth in East Vancouver. Our partners include the Eastside Boxing Club, Aprons for Gloves, NICCSS, and Richer Initiative.

As food partner, Good Food for All works to combat food insecurity and teach nutrition education to East Van youth aged 13-19 attending the Eastside After School Program.

Good Food for All provides 85 snacks per week to youth at the program and teaches 20 educational sessions per year.

Our programming Includes:

1. Fresh, nutritionally complete snacks 5x per week – Read More

2. Healthy food pantry staples – Read More

3. Nutrition education and food skills classes – Read More

4. Job Readiness and Career Training – Read More